Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh the irony of this uber-cliche meme

Yeah yeah yeah, we get it. Kids today… I tell ya. Just like when you were young and the adults said the same shit about you. Here’s what’s ironic about this stupid piece of shit meme going around, and the countless other ones like it.

I remember my generation. They were little shits. They beat me up on a regular basis and felt perfectly entitled to do so. They grew up to be bigger shits that keep telling me that I can’t be an equal citizen because their religion entitles them to not letting me be so. And oh wait, aren’t they the same shits that raised today’s kids? So who the fuck do they think they’re blaming?

I also know some kids of today. You know what they feel entitled to? A world where they should be able to breathe clean air, drink clean water, eat food that isn’t loaded with syrups that make them diabetic before they’re 20, a world that’s not riddled with the stupidest, most pointless wars that they have to fight in. In fact, each generation has these kids, and you know what the generation past (responsible for fucking things up in such a way) say about them? Exactly the same cliche bullshit said in this graphic meme right here.

Seriously, don’t talk to me about entitlements when we feel entitled to a world that works, and you felt entitled to make the world one that’s so fucked up it only works for 1% of the richest shits. Don’t talk to me about today’s kids. They see me as equal. This generation sees no reason to make me live in a closet because of some imaginary man in the sky and a delusional entitlement that he gave them to do whatever the fuck they want with the planet.

Oh and by the way, you feel entitled to beating kids? I was beaten quite a bit, and it wasn’t for feeling entitled. If anything it was because my parents felt entitled to taking their hate and anger out on me. There was never a justified reason for it. And you know what I grew up feeling? Entitled to not being beaten, and not entitled to hurting others for sport.

Now don’t you just feel fucking silly?