Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh my... today it's a day for internet drama!

The Onion is a satire paper, and while it means it straddles that fine line with making fun of the horrible shit too many "news" outlets do, and comical silliness, it runs a risk when parodying them too far.

Keep in mind news outlets are frequently deciding to say horrible stuff about first responders to 9/11 or a celebrity who is too outspoken for their comfort, and even often blames victims for what happens to them (Trayvon Martin shouldn't have worn that hoodie according to Geraldo).

So I get where they were going with that tweet, and I even giggled. On this one, however, they hit too hard so many people who don't quite grasp that concept, who might have been terrified that Jonathan Swift really wants to eat babies, just couldn't take satire to this degree.

It's satire. I promise nobody there thinks she's a cunt, but I can't promise that someone at FarceNews doesn't think exactly that. Isn't that sad?

This comedy gamble was just too hard, it seems. On the flip side, cunt is exactly what I thought of that little right wing boy kid before he grew up and denounced the right wing party because he learned to read and realized how wrong they were about everything. Just saying.