Wednesday, February 27, 2013

She appreciates inner beauty, long as your tits are smaller than hers

ConnieJohnsonThis is the story of Connie Johnson, and how she completely flipped her shit because someone living with her clicked "like" on something on Facebook, and ended up illegally throwing him out and dumping his belongings. 

I should mention for those who've never come to this blog before, that I am a gay man. A bear in fact, and I am attracted to bearish men. I was at the home of my boyfriend and away from my home computer, watching the Oscars and enjoying myself.

Earlier that day, however, I had snapped a photo from the Bank of America commercial showing a handsome bearish man all dressed in body paint. We love this commercial because we think this guy is cute. I posted it to Facebook to share with my many bear friends who would totally agree with me:

You see, not only do I love bears, I believe as the comedienne Margaret Cho does, that all people should feel beautiful. I am a nudist. I want all people to feel completely free to be nude and unashamed, no matter their shape, and to not be berated by hateful comments that leave them feeling self conscious and ugly. Apparently Connie Johnson, who claims to appreciate inner beauty, does not.

At the time I had no idea who Connie Johnson was, or even remembered how I came to be friended to her. But she tagged me in this post. I didn't take it as hateful, but then, I didn't know her reasoning yet. It becomes clear that she was gunning for me, and has a real hate for men who aren't washboarded:

As you can see, I'm just not into the guy, but I did not insult anything about him. And when someone did come on to berate her for posting it, I defended her. And then when she insulted fat old men, I made my case.

And so later on, when I was on my tablet, I had found her hateful, sarcastic statement and figured out quickly how flat out evil she really was:

The link I added was to show her that Gynecomastia is in fact a real condition that some boys and men have and cannot help. I am also diagnosed with PTSD and, in group treatment, have seen how abuse and trauma has rendered people with desperate needs to cope with their terror, including alcohol, drug or food disorders. 

The way she acted here disgusts me. I also despise the hateful way people shame men or women with gender traits. I'd hoped she would've looked it up before she went nuts. But she didn't. And to add to her inner awesomeness, she's also a gun nut that somehow cares more for guns than my right to speak up for the many kids who have been shot. 

So I spoke up anyhow, rather than being a "good little victim" to her abuse:

I think she's confusing inner beauty with whatever makes her horny, and she's confusing rights with a lack of inner beauty within herself. Then it continued here while I was trying to watch the Oscars, leaving my Tablet to keep making interrupting noises for comments I could've done without straight from Connie Johnson herself...

Ah, so this is who she is. Pen is a friend of mine. I'd heard he had found love with someone new, but didn't realize I was arguing with her. Pen is also NOT a skinny, washboard abs kind of guy. He's in fact a bearish lad who I used to feel tremendous attraction. But because someone once allegedly abused Connie Johnson, she now feels completely justified to act horrible towards men who aren't skinny, because she works out and all. Inner beauty indeed. So do I. And let's face it, Connie Johnson isn't exactly Ms. America herself, but you never saw me making fun of her looks like she had been toward the photo I'd originally posted:


Being on the tablet made getting screenshots difficult enough to post, but then my tablet ran out of battery. The rest of the night I was stuck on my phone, and she was still bothering me. Continued messages bugged me, not just on the gun posts above but through other channels as well. I would've been okay with battling her but her comments just got dumber and more beligerent as the night progressed.

Then one message caught my eye, and that's who happened to "like" my LiveJournal post in which I made fun of her... it was Pen himself:

The rest of this below had to be mailed to me by a friend who still has access to her, for she's blocked me before I had access to a computer, though I'm working on getting it in the form of screen shots for Pen's court case. Simply put, when he clicked "like" he ended up setting off all of her crazy buttons. The following happened in one of the arguments about guns above [and words in red are my own comments added for this post]:

And that's when she blocked me from the ability to see any of our dialog.

 When I told her about the "like" I honestly had no idea the shit it would cause. I hate that I caused Pen so much trouble, but to be honest, I kind of feel glad that he was able to see this side of her now before he left the hospital and ended up making the biggest mistake of all... living with this horrible woman. 

Although this means that just as he'd left the hospital and is still in recovery, he now must live in a tent in the back yard of another friend, AND she's thrown his stuff in the dump. She's also taking out a restraining order, like he's the one who's crazy here. She's also trying to get friends to give her the address to where he's staying so she can have him served with a warrant. His name IS on the lease of the house, so her sudden eviction is totally illegal. 

I've gathered this online dialog so he can present it in court to show how irrational she has become. I mean seriously, she went from talking about him like he's a saint, to this. All because he clicked "like" to something on Facebook, and probably didn't even know he had done it. He was recovering in a hospital! I seriously wish I had the screenshots of that moment, because as you can see from this, she fucking went off her tits like a crazed one. 

So that's how, without even trying, I made a friend of mine homeless across this country of ours when someone merely clicked like on one of my posts on Facebook.

Connie, if you're reading this right now, and I have a funny feeling you are, the only thing you're proving right now is that I'm absolutely right about you. That you're absolutely fuck nuts. You just threw a recovering man, who has never hurt you in any way, out because he clicked "like" to something on Facebook, and are acting like he's betrayed and hurt YOU. You're playing a victim and making your ex, whom you claimed abused you, out to be the good guy in that situation, because you're proving to be the one who's abusive. And your dumping of Pen's belongings only proves you are without a doubt the evil person. You abuse men who don't look like you want. Hell, your language about "men with tits" made me feel sorry for any man who has to deal with you, because that is abusive. If you think becoming the abuser means you've won some battle, you're wrong. You've lost. And everyone will know you for what you are.

Presently her Facebook profile picture has been changed to:


The moral of the story is clear:

Be very very careful what you 'like' on Facebook. 
Connie Johnson is out there...