Friday, February 15, 2013

There's a slippery slope alright

The slippery slope. It's an argumentative way of trying to scare people from considering anything new, used for so many centuries against so many civil rights issues that it seems absurd to me anybody still uses it, considering how many civil rights causes have won, and that we're still fighting like crazy over any civil rights issue in the present day.

You'd think that this fact alone would kill the slippery slope argument. But no, it doesn't.

The notion is that any change in any way will cause all of western civilization to crumble down a slippery slope where Satan is worshipped in schools and women hump fire hydrants in the streets. The above diagram shows how those who make slippery slope arguments view the world. To them, there's an angry god ready to push the world down to the pit of hell as punishment of acting kind and right towards people whom they insist god hates.

I'm not going to argue about the presence of a slippery slope. Not in the least. I'm just going to issue a new diagram that shows the reality of its existence:

At the top of this slope is where people live as prestiged members of society. In the pit at the bottom of the slope is where people live as second-class, hated, discriminated members of society. And as you can see, they try so hard to climb up that slippery slope just for the equality they deserve. Meanwhile, haters at the top are dumping more slime on the slop and taunting the person crawling for freedom.

And in this diagram, gays.

Also in that pit are people like child-fuckers, unless they're priests or what have you, and are in hiding, acting as esteemed members of society but in secret, fucking kids. Now why should two consenting adults who love each other be in that pit while those in hiding are not? 

It is hell trying to get up there to the top of that slope. Fortunately many on the top have changed their hearts and are issuing a ladder to us. I assure you, this will not cause society to slip down to the bottom, and by no means will it cause child-fucking assholes, bestiality practitioners, or crazy people who want to marry their toaster over, to slipe up that slope to where we are. 

They said the same about if we'd allow blacks to be equal, or to marry across racial lines, and yet decades later, we're still struggling. The slope isn't what you think it is. And the angry god you think will punish us? Well, he hasn't pushed us into hell for the way we used to treat blacks, so I think we're safe.

There is no remaining excuse for inequality to those who deserve it.