Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WARNING: This video contains graphic TeaBaggotry

Wow, where to start…

70% of Americans with raised taxes? About time, since constant tax cuts were killing us, but that’s not exactly accurate. Actually, “The President’s plan raises the tax rate from 33 percent to 36 percent but only on the amount of earnings exceeding $247,000 and less than $398,000. Anyone pulling down more than $398,000 in taxable income will see a 4.6 percent increase in the marginal tax rate paid on those earnings over the $398,000 but only on those earnings over $398,000.”

The “ObamaCare” tax was only called a tax by one person: Justice Roberts. Not “many” as the video says. And when he said that, it was just a way to vote his conscious and justify it on paper.

The debt ceiling has always been raised by every president. Somehow it’s all a horrible thing when a black guy wants to do it, like it’s never happened before. That’s just stupid.

Raising it doesn’t put us in debt, and certainly not into “trillions of debt” as the video says. It keeps us from defaulting on the debt we already have, so that our country doesn’t lose its ability to function. Do you want our country to go bankrupt? Not raising that is how that happens.

The country didn’t vote for spending cuts. We’ve cut enough, which is why our infrastructure is dying and our country can’t even get working again. How about spending cuts in the spend-happy military complex? No? Well there ya go.

“Tax, spend, and regulate.” Oh if only, because it’s what is needed, since tax cuts are what put us in debt, spending cuts are causing our country to fail, and deregulation allows for our banks to put us into financial ruin.

Nothing Obama suggested undermines the 2nd Amendment, because the 2nd Amendment starts with the words “well regulated,” while we’ve failed to do any regulation at all.

He doesn’t ask for doctors to ask you about your guns, but simply suggests it’s no longer illegal for them to do so if they feel the person is in danger of harming others if they show a tendency towards delusion (like this video does) and violence. Plus I notice that reporting guns is soooo evil, but it’s totally okay for them to force ultrasounds on women?

Imperial President? Our country has acted imperial for decades but they only care to say so now that it’s a black guy doing. Bankrupting the country? We’ve been bankrupting it through Reaganomics for decades but somehow it’s all the black guy’s fault.

Anyways, just thought I’d give my two cents about this absolute bullshit video.