Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why boycott the film Ender's Game?

Is it really bad if you enjoy a film ignoring Orson Scott Card's loud and maniacal homophobia? Why be one of those annoying people who make everything into a political statement? I will tell you why. Please listen.

We'd like to think we're in a democracy, and then we complain about how voting doesn't do anything. In reality, we have become reduced as voters with merely a single vote in some things, and where that vote really goes ignored a lot. We still have some power, true, and have shifted the country to show we do not like Republican craziness.

But then they retained the house, not because of popularity, but gerrymandering, and continue to obstruct everything the people want. Votes are obviously not enough.

Those same people control huge amounts of our economy. Democracy is no longer felt by a vote but with a daily vote with our dollars. Democracy has shifted into economical matters. So if you truly want to make an impact and to retain some sense of democracy, you must be conscious with where your dollars go, you must make your cause known so others do to, and so others feel the financial impact when they say and do things, otherwise we truly are powerless as a people.

This is why we boycott things like Chick Fil-A since our dollars there were going to support horrible anti-gay causes, and why we support JC Penny to defend Ellen. And this is why this movie needs to be boycotted too, so that the voices of the people can speak loud enough to let them know there IS a price for the kind of hatred he spews.

Democracy dies when apathy is king. Bothered and annoyed by this? Well I'm sorry democracy bothers you so much. We'll try to keep it down to a minimum so as not to bother you. Meanwhile another gay child committed suicide today because they didn't hear our supportive vote loudly enough to encourage them the world does have love in it.

Again I ask, do you really think we're being ridiculous? Because if you ask me, I'd rather the people who commit suicide in this country be the people so filled with hate that they can't stand being in a world where loving people, the ones they hate, are accepted and have the power to stand. This has never happened. The hateful won't commit suicide. There is no just as bad argument to be had here, though they never fail to say so. We are intolerant of that which kills the innocent, they are intolerant of the innocent.

Yes, you can go see the film. But yes, you'd be supporting hateful people. Would you be killing a gay kid by doing it? No. Would you be giving additional support to those whose rhetoric helps beat on the gay kid more? Yes. Would they ever hesitate to financially attack anybody who supports gay marriage? You betcha!