Wednesday, February 27, 2013

zOMG FACTS!!! on FoxNews... how rude!



Hannity is wrong and it feels great to see someone take him to task. Although the fact Ellison shouted facts at him only means he's rude, say conservatives (totally ignoring that they were facts, because those are just irrelevent if you're watching Fox). Obama's own spending is a huge slowing in the usual spending increase, as records show. What happened under him is actually Obama paying the debts that Bush left, again, as the records show. But hey, let's blame the black guy.

I knew Hannity when he was on WGST in Atlanta before Fox got him. He used to whine about journalists doing stuff, but now he does everything he railed against, and worse. Total Republican tool. Registered conservative? WTF! You don't register that way! You register as either a Republican or Democrat, Green, Independent... by party! I don't ever recall being given the option to register as an adjective.