Thursday, March 21, 2013

Black Africans! LBJ Society is ruining them or something.

There is a crazy liberal hater on YouTube who was fighting with me. He finally stopped replying to me on the video's comment section and instead sent me a few crazy private rants. Get a load of the crazy:

Here's how I responded to him:
As I told you before, stop letting people full of hate tell you what liberals are. Republicans prove to be the worst spenders, while trying to cut taxes all the time, which is the most irresponsible way to run government period. Know how the Boston Tea Party was against taxation without representation? I'm just against representation without taxation, meaning it's stupid that the most represented in Washington pays no taxes. I just want enough funding for a functional government, the kind that can cover the costs of its duties, as the founders clearly stated should be done in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. Those crazy socialist bastards! 
Rant all you want about LBJ but I'm also pretty sure what "ruined" black American families was all that slavery stuff. To say they're ruined is kind of out of touch with their situation today. But go ahead, find another Democrat to blame everything on. No idea which of your favorite blubbery hateful liberal-hater talk show hosts told you to say that. 
Remember also that the raising of taxes is a Congressional job, not a presidential one. They deal with finances. So to call it a dupe by the president would be ridiculous. It's also interesting that those Bush tax cuts on the very rich are still in effect, and yet... where are the jobs? I know you like to blame that on Obama too, but austerity measures like that are a constant in our government since Reagan, and it's obvious they don't work.
Honestly, you just rant, but your rants prove you've no idea what you're talking about. You merely echo nonsense. Anti-Bible, anti-white, blah blah blah... the Limbaugh-FoxNews bubble is the worst (without an e) political thing that's happened to America lately, because it's sent me tons of ignorant loud-mouths like yourself. 
PS: Stop speaking on behalf of blacks. You don't do it well at all. Let them do their speaking for themselves, kind of like all people. Thanks!
Aaaaand liberals are the ones who actually placed a black man into the president seat. Seems to me LBJ did a horrible job of ruining things for blacks. Thankfully you know who else did a horrible job of it? Republicans.