Friday, April 12, 2013

Generally Inhospitable

The Research Medical Center in Kansas City, MO, guilty of arresting a gay man from  the hospital bedside of his partner against the patient's demands, yet leaving the straight family member who was more disruptive, has been reported on by Americablog with more detail, thanks to an interview with the daughter of the two men. And it is difficult for me to read without wanting to punch something. In the comments I learn the men were on their way to vacation when the straight family member had the man detained on a report that he was suicidal. This is probably false, and is a case similar to what California calls being "5150'd".

So I've been taking it out on them on their Facebook Page, and I recommend you do too. Also, sign the petition to have their national funds revoked. Although keep in mind, they're deleting things... that are offensive and "untrue". Yeah...

BTW that whole threat to delete anything... yeah, not working for them: