Friday, April 26, 2013


Tonight's hashtag was too much fun not to turn around on some people...

Thanks to the Swype on my phone, solutions was turned to dolphin, but otherwise, this was fun! Even after some stragglers decided to come after me, throwing more than I can handle while on the road with my phone limited to 140 characters and typing in Swype. But I held my own a little... including the part where they accused me of screaming and throwing feces if they mentioned God, or something like that, which I posted later. Here... enjoy... after the jump.

When an argument begins about how all liberals are, you know it's going to go nowhere but blame-it-all-on-liberals-land, and that's just what happened in the rest of all this mess.

He didn't get the sarcasm, it seemed. I'm a liberal whose roommate is attending seminary to become a Lutheran minister. People on the left don't cry because someone mentions God, but tries to rule over us based on what they think God desires. It's kind of in the Constitution as well. That 1st Amendment thing? Yeah. Rather important to us.

There was a lot more. These two threw more at me than I could possibly answer to over a touch-screen phone. They did so under an assumption it's all Obama and Democrats, that I'm wrong because I obviously think it's all Bush and Republicans, that since I'm liberal I want to spend and spend and spend and never cut spending, because they clearly think spending is just bad and wrong, and people can do better with money, etc. to which I reply that spending for the good of the country is good, and spending for things NOT good for the country, bad. Should be easy. Billions on wars with Iraq? Bad. On the people's needs? Good, long as you do it right. To which I was given a conspiracy theory that liberals just want to overflow welfare until it collapses so that we have to redo it. Didn't know you were in that conspiracy, didn't you?

And even funnier, that rightwing political policies work very very well and never fail at all. To which I reply that they have not. Ever. The sources used are all pointing to profits. Profits increased? Sure! For a tiny few people. While the middle class failed. The staggering inflation left the poor poorer with no wage increases. Because all that matters is profit!

Now that I'm back at my computer, I'd continue the argument with them, but....... I don't have the energy anymore. Especially after blatant hypocrisy... remember my use of "your" above?