Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Cops are crawlin in your windows-snatchin' yo people up

There is an unfortunate happening in a Sacramento family's home where cops raided the house and took the baby from the family that chose to get a second doctor's opinion. It's stupid, and it shouldn't have happened. Know what else it is? It's a reason for rightwing blog All American Blogger to go balls-out blaming liberals for this. Because after all, isn't everything? Here's the video.

It's terrifying  and is being blamed on a miscommunication between CPS and the police. It even turns out that the second doctor's opinion was confirmed by a third doctor. But what isn't being pointed out is that California isn't just a big liberal state. Prop 8 reminded people of that. Plus northern California is often very Republican. But let's still blame the liberals.

And if that's not enough to do so, let's also post this entirely irrelevant video having nothing at all to do with this kind of situation or even what happened here:

This video very clearly is talking about the horrendous moments when parents insist that their kid is their own, to teach to be whatever they want, with absolutely no responsibility to the rest of the community. This isn't asking for state control over your kids in any way whatsoever. But will an "All Amurkin Blogger" understand that? Nope. And will its readers? Well...

These are the actual comments on their Facebook page's post:

These folks need just half a reason to "perch" about guns and canned goods and revolution. Please people. Do not give it to them. Give them Ritalin and send them to bed. After all, liberals are the ones who do not want a police state. Conservatives are pushing things like SB1070 that makes police probe people. Except white people. And definitely nobody with guns. Well, white people with guns.

And furthermore, why does Facebook feel the need to push this stuff onto my wall as a "Suggested" thing? Particularly this story? The rest of "All Amurikin'" is about Benghazzi and desperate attempts to make liberals out to be the bad guys of everything.

Thanks, Facebook. I'd rather not.