Wednesday, May 08, 2013

How also to get banned from my... well... any social media

Meet David Marr. He's been bothering a couple of us on Twitter before. I honestly didn't care but grew annoyed with his echoing of his old points that are nothing more than the same shit you hear from Limbaugh day in and day out. But then he made a huge mistake of annoying me on Twitter when I was in the waiting room of a doctor's office where I feared I'd sustained an intestinal injury, possibly hernia.

It just seemed pretty damned ironic that he wanted to continue blabbing at me about how government needs to have nothing to do with medical care at all, and how private sectors need to have full control. When I was surrounded by people who'd go untreated if that were the case.

I wasn't having it. Sadly, it's not even the tip of the iceberg of his trolling me:

By now I've been through triage and was asked to come back at 4. The doctor saw me in a pretty timely manner. There was a 40 minute delay in the schedule of all doctors, but everything there ran smoothly. Last several times I spent small fortunes to see doctors in the private sectors, or in ER's, the wait time was more than this. One time I never got treated and left after growing annoyed that they'd forgotten about me after a four hour wait.

Yeah, keep preaching that shit to me, David... just like he kept preaching at me about how inefficient the DMV is. Have you been to them lately, David? They do the business of millions of people each day. Just because you get bored waiting doesn't make them inefficient. It's not like everything in the world is done like Burger King. And oh by the way, last time I went, I went to a grocery store where they had the facility so easy to go in that I'd take longer at a fucking Burger King! Y Bellamy (above) and I have even told him this before, but he never... EVER... SHUTS THE FUCK UP!!!

Yeah. He felt the need to stalk me to Facebook and start bothering me there. Several fucking times...

Ironically on a Facebook page called STFUGOP. Doesn't get the irony, does he? Blocked there, he now bothers me on my personal Twitter account. I reeeeeeeeally don't want him on that. Here I'm all business, there I'm personal and post to the porn that I myself make. Yeah... sure he shouldn't be on there.

Didn't stop him though...

How did Benghazi suddenly have any fucking thing to do with 9/11 whatsoever? Conspiracy much?


Blocked. David, you really don't understand the concept of I'm sick of your shit so STFU, do you? 

You know, this country's given more than enough mouthpieces to crazies like this. I think it does a service to the country when we take them away from them. The way their bullshit brainwashes people into voting in the stupid idiots that destroy everything, and then re-elect them... does nobody any good whatsoever.

It's called lie pollution. Do your part to clean it up.