Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sarcasm and Too Much Crap!: Bathroom Picture Fails- (15+ Pictures) WARNING! These people are...

Okay, look, you can duck lip as long as you STOP doing selfies in the bathroom. WTF is making all these people think the bathroom is a great place for photos? Don't tell me the mirror. That's my other pet peave of selfie taking. Put down the fucking phone and get someone to take a real photo of you. And not in the bathroom!!! It's like, 'Hey look, here I am making ducklips in the same room where I poop and clean out my vagina!' WHY????

Challenge accepted!1) My bathroom looks mighty sexy after a good scrubbing.2) When that sexy lady gets out of the bathroom I am going to take a massive shit!3) On behalf of all humanity, please stop taking "sexy" pictures in the bathroom!!