Thursday, September 19, 2013

Your Twitter Account Suspended – What Next? | Netleadz

This shows that lots of people are finding their Twitter accounts suspended for extremely stupid reasoning, based solely on their programs being set off for what's called 'aggressive following,' whatever that means, just as stupid as when Facebook goes apeshit that you've friended too many people. In other words, interaction with someone can get you suspended. It's fucking insane. It's been big enough of an issue that several have written articles on the web to help others get back on when it happens. I know that monitoring a social network of millions can't be easy, but here's some advice that I know they won't hear nor care about, that just makes sense to me: First, you're not going to censor material on the web. Let us do that for ourselves. I've tried blocking this one shithead on Twitter a billion times and yet kept getting notifications that he was replying... to every goddamned tweet I made. Block should mean BLOCK. Sure, I get it, you want to protect kids (who are telling you they're over 18 because they don't want things blocked). How's that working for ya? If you're a social network and you start suspending people for being too social, just shoot yourself. That's fucking stupid. I mean incredibly fucking stupid. So stupid that I'm amazed you weren't on the goddamned Bush Administration. And finally, you're making billions off of people. Kick back and enjoy that. Why are you bothering yourself so fucking much to patrol everybody for stupid little rules that do nothing but bother only the stupidest people on the planet? It's words on a goddamned screen, not nuclear materials. Get over yourself! Go have some coffee and just let us do our thing. You guys are acting like that neighborhood association that acts like it's the end of the fucking world if we grow the wrong color flowers in our garden. GET A LIFE!!!!! Can't believe these things have to be said. Please, someone out there, create something on the web that's fun again and doesn't do this stupid shit. PLEASE!!!

Have you just logged into your Twitter account to find it has been suspended? Don’t panic: your account has been suspended not banned. You just have to contact Twitter support, explain your problem clearly, provide a short explanation of your problem and have patience. It normally takes seven days t...