Thursday, October 10, 2013

36 Things You Never Realized Everyone Else Does Too

My answers to them all... 1. Um... nope. What? 2. Kinda, but I didn't give a shit about 90210. 3. Yes, because I love my genius. 4. I'd rather take one easy to get into. 5. Oh wow. Never thought anybody else thought of it! 6. Oh please, I pace the house masturbating. 7. Not getting in, but getting out, yes. 8. Yep, and I giggle when doing it. Inwardly. 9. Shut up. Yes. 10. Oh hell, don't get me started. 11. Nope. I want the covers OFF ME!!! 12. Every. Single. Time. 13. Shut up. Yes. 14. Actually no. I'm up at first buzz if I have to be. 15. Or movie. Usually movie. 16. Yes. Very very much so. I hate my name. 17. I don't sing. But I do sing along in my head, so yeah. 18. Nope. I like people being there. Without pants. 19. No, I do it because the beep annoys me. 20. Neither. My depression's unpredictable (and rare). 21. Oh hell yeah! Doggies are way better than people. 22. Uh.... what? Maybe when I was 10 and watched Zapped. 23. Only if it's ridiculously verbose for no good reason. 24. Nah. I figure I'm scarier than they are. 25. What? Any of you do this? Not me. How very Poltergeist III. 26. Rarely, but sometimes, yes. 27. Nope. Or anyone else. I'm a small talk champ. Just not a real talk one. 28. Hee hee hee... or with funny faces. 29. Uh... yeah. Cuz I haven't gotten them organized yet. 30. That time with the cheese... LOL. But I digress... 31. Sometimes, yes. Unless they're hot. Then I stare & drool. 32. I don't even bother trying anymore. 33. BIGTIME. Except Contact. The movie was actually better. 34. It's supposed to be Jif? Who'd choose Jiff? (nyuknyuk) 35. I try to make sure lots of them do. BOMB!!! 36. Only plush animals.

You're a very strange person. Just like everyone else.