Friday, October 04, 2013

Father forces son to hold pink ‘I am a bully’ sign on Texas highway | The Raw Story

Read the comments on this thing... seriously! Holy f&%$ing hell! The people on here criticizing this need to shut up. This is a father who actually did something about his kid. Do you have any idea how many don't? It's so easy to criticize. But you know something? Criticize those doing nothing. Lay off this guy. He's doing something right. If you have any idea how much it would've done me good to see those kids who bullied me punished, you'd shut up right now. Instead parents ganged up on me to defend their kids. How messed up is that, to be bullied by both the kids AND the parents? If I did something back to the kids, then they're there yelling at me to come to them instead of being a bully (yeah, I was the one accused of bullying) and I just couldn't win. This guy is doing something right. People going apeshit about it need an enema.

A Texas father is refusing to apologize for forcing his child to hold a pink “I am a bully” sign because he says that “we don’t need another Columbine.”