Friday, October 18, 2013

{Shocking Video} Cops Break Beautiful Woman’s Face


It IS sickening that it happened, granted. And I guess it shouldn't be too much of a surprise coming from a site called the Free Patriot. However there is one major problem, not just grammatical, with the first paragraph, that has a huge challenge with comprehension: "You’ve probably seen the video of police officers in Skokie Village, Cook County- which is the Chicago area- home of our beloved President Barack Hussein Obama, and play ground of his former henchman Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago’s Mayor, being thrown into a jail cell so hard, by a big, strong, male cop that it actually breaks her face. " The use of a dash (should actually be two hyphens --) leads to what I like to call a btw clause... as though to say, oh by the way... and in this instance, the clause continues but after the closing dash. And that's what causes the confusion: "--which is the Chicago area--home of our beloved President, blah blah." Because of this, it almost leads one to believe either Obama or Rahm were the ones shoved into the jail cell. But mostly, why the hell do they feel the need to mention Obama or Emmanuel in any way on such a story? They have nothing to do with what happened, but this site seems to want you to create guilt by extremely separated and convoluted association. That is bad blogging by any standard.