Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thus spaketh the prophet:

Tonight's trend: #GentleHorrorFilms These are mine: - Rosemary Clooney's Baby - Muppet Master - The Last Jazzercism - The Human Monopede - Don't Be Too Concerned About the Dark - Paranormal Apathy - The Cabin in the Highlands - The Texas Electric Toothbrush Maming - Night of the Living Lethargic - Hotflash on Elm Street - The Village of the Darned Not mine: - The Silent Treatment of the Lambs - I Have a Suspicion about What you Did Last Summer - Night of the Loving Dead - You're Next. No not you. That Other Guy. - The Hills Have Googly Eyes - The Wicker, Man, it Just Clashes with the Patio Furniture - Children of the High Fructose Corn Syrup - The Blair Witch Project Runway - When a Stranger Calls the Wrong Number and Apologizes - Rosemary's Baby Daddy - Pumpkinbread - Casual Friday the 13th - Attack of the Sun-Dried Tomatoes - The Exercise Routine of Emily Rose - Sabrina the Blair Teenage Witch Project - I Have A Suspicion About What You Did Last Summer But I Don't Wanna Jump To Conclusions Really - Paranormal Activia - The Humane Centipede - House of a 1000 Cupcakes - The Hills Only Have Eyes for You - The Shoe Shining