Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thus spaketh the prophet:

Horrible dream. Felt like it went on for hours. The city here had some kind of celebration, and lots of hot guys everywhere, and it could've been fun. But then I couldn't find Ray, and my phone kept malfunctioning so that I couldn't find him on it to call and find out where he was. Then I couldn't remember his name. So the whole dream I kept wandering around looking for him, and trying to get my phone to work right and pull up his name so I could call. It's just wandering around lost and in a panic. I woke up and thought, okay, that's just too clingy. Why would I dream that? And then I realized I had two dogs pressed up against me, licking my face and wanting to go out and pee. Now I have my coffee and I sat down having to fight the laptop for over an hour before it would pick up any wifi. No idea why. Anyway, how's your morning? Thankfully we have Rifftrax Night of the Living Dead tonight, because nothing's gonna cure my eek morning than making fun of people eating people!