Friday, October 25, 2013

Thus spaketh the prophet:

I had to go off on a guy on Twitter who tried to say the 'race card' is just as bad as racism, but had to use Twitlonger because there was no way I could do it in 140. Link here: Here's what led up to it, and then what I said: __________________________________________________ @TheNewDeal The Only Difference Between the Teaparty and the KKK are That the Teaparty Don't Wear Hoods and Sheets. @BibleAsshole They traded them in for Wal-Mart clothes and fatass scooters. @Chris_Clukey Guess somebody finally clued you in that the whole "screeching for people to sign up for Obamacare" thing wasn't working. @BibleAsshole It's not screeching, and it is working, and what did that have to do with anything on this tweet? @Chris_Clukey Often @TheNewDeal stays on a subject until it's clear Obama is at sea on it. Then he reverts to "ZOMG, GOP R RACISTS!!1!" @BibleAsshole But they are. Don't forget one finally admitted the point of vote laws, which we already all knew. @Chris_Clukey Sure dude. Girl X, Yummy Sandifer, Darryl Green, Johnlyah Watkins and Hadiyah Pendleton send regards. @BibleAsshole No idea who any of those people are. I do know the Tea's are constantly admitting to, and making racist comments. @Chris_Clukey "No idea who any of those people are." And that is why you fail. You don't even have a guess, do you? @BibleAsshole Do you know who Michael Katz, Paul Ordorf or Hedra McFarley are? No? I guess you fail. See I can do it too. @Chris_Clukey Google one. You'll see why it's pretty failtastic you don't know who they are, given your current assertion. @BibleAsshole Lemme guess. Racist black people? Which will totally nullify the fact the TeaPartiers are often racist? Sure. @Chris_Clukey Well now, that ranks up there with great American rhetoric like "Your Mama wears combat boots." I'm skewered. @BibleAsshole No it doesn't. Army boots are hot. Your deliberate density isn't sexy at all. @Chris_Clukey Sure. And Tailgunner Joe had a list of seventy gazillion commies at the State Department. @BibleAsshole What the hell are you even talking about? @Chris_Clukey I'm talking about McCarthyism. You guys are the new McCarthists. They called him "Tailgunner Joe." @BibleAsshole I know who he is. My question is why you even brought him up? @Chris_Clukey You're a McCarthyist. The Tea Party Scare is the Red Scare, only with no credibility. @BibleAsshole Uh... yeah. The actual things they're pushing, like long waits in black districts, isn't racist at all. Still hilarious you try to equate the "race card" with McCarthyism. Hysterical. ____________________________________________ My post on Twitlonger: @Chris_Clukey thinks the "race card" as bad as McCarthyism #Oopsies // @TheNewDeal. McCarthyism was nothing but a paranoia play to excite haters, while fighting racism is the fight against the haters. McCarthy wanted you to be terrified of Communism in America, or anything even remotely resembling it (like maybe that general welfare clause in the Constitution written by the founders?) but for what reason? What giant Commie plague has ever caused America to suffer horribly? Answer: none. What racism plague has caused suffering in America? If you have to ask that, you need your head checked. Slavery, check. Jim Crow laws? Check. The terrible trend of black lynchings that went on until less than a human lifetime ago? Check. The 'race card' is hardly based on unfounded paranoia. Show me where people playing, as your kind likes to say, the 'race card,' has imposed anything onto people like the Jim Crow laws. When Tea Party haters are flipping out in ways they never did before, under any white president, over things they suddenly care about now that there's a black president that they absolutely, positively, know was Kenyan and Muslim, how is there not racism there? When this Republican has admitted that the sudden voter laws are for no reason other than to thwart Democrats and thwart "lazy blacks" from voting because they might vote Democrat? Embarrassing the hell out of the TeaParty and the GOP and immediately asked to resign? And we're crazy for claiming racism exists. McCarthyist crazy. Sure. McCarthyists thwarted the 1st Amendment's establishment clause by inserting "under God" into our Constitution and putting "In God We Trust" onto our money, out of the crazy notion that if a Commie, who's obviously atheist, says these words or touches this money, they'd burst into flames like vampires and garlic. Any 'race card' equivalent to that? I don't think so. But keep trying to make that case. It's cute.