Monday, October 14, 2013

Thus spaketh the prophet:

Before there was Cards Against Humanity, there was Apples to Apples. It's the same game but the cards aren't nearly as much fun. Until I did what I did to it using whiteout and sharpies. My Apples deck is a giant wooden crate full of altered and improved cards, from red cards that read things like: - "Pat Robertson's boy porn stash" - "A very ripe queef from Sally Struther's" - "The batteries in my vibrator" And green cards that read: - "Unfuckable" - "Something I might stick in my hole if I'm drunk" - "Worthy of a very painful death in a giant microwave oven" Because liquid paper makes the cards a little sticky, that's what I called my version: Apples to Apples - the White & Sticky Edition. Because it's very very wrong. So at the housewarming party last night I finally got to break it in here in California with some bears (and I intend on doing this sometime with the LOS motorcycle club eventually). But what really got me last night is that the green card was: - "Going straight to hell" And someone played a red card that read: - "Schroedinger's Cat" So the funniest thing occurred to me that we have no way of knowing not only whether the cat's alive or dead, but whether it's going to heaven or hell. How's THAT for a mindblowing revelation?