Thursday, November 21, 2013

12 Mistakes Nearly Everyone Who Writes About Grammar Mistakes Makes

There are a lot of bad grammar posts in the world. These days, anyone with a blog and a bunch of pet peeves can crank out a click-bait listicle of supposed grammar errors. There's just one problem -- these articles are often full of mistakes of one sort or another themselves.

We actually covered a great deal of this article in linguistics, a very important branch of anthropology. I have a few pet peaves, but believe it or not, I'm very flexible about language because I know that #8 of this list does in fact change a great deal in very short periods of time. And that language rules really don't matter as long as you are getting your message across. When I correct someone, it's usually just because it's an eyesore to try to understand what they're saying, but then I'm called grammar nazi (you/you're is not a grammatical mistake so much as it's a wrong-spelling mistake). AAVE is one of those instances where I am actually angered by people insisting they're stupid for their use of words and language, when in fact it's a very legitimate language of its own. African American Vernacular English, as it's called, is often labeled Ebonics by people who criticized it and spread lies about it, such as the rumor that some teachers wanted to teach it in schools. They did not want to teach it at all, but they wanted teachers who were capable of speaking in that vernacular to teach students who spoke that way so that students could, for once, be treated with respect rather than with prejudice. It was incredibly successful in fact. Kids speaking this way were finally not told they were idiots, and were actually compelled to listen and learn, so that they ended up surpassing their white counterparts in many areas, including what's considered proper English. Naturally that just wouldn't do, so critics lied about it and what you have to this day is the false notion, which was spread by and large by the Rush Limbaugh program. So it's funny that when someone says something like "Your dumb," to me, and I laugh and correct it to show they have no room to talk, some miffed people start trying to correct MY grammar. And in doing so, they actually end up making the mistakes on this list. Folks, I'm not a grammar expert by any means. But I did learn a lot in Linguistics, and that's where I get this. Although I still hate people saying "literally" in every sentence. I'm serious. Knock it the fuck off.