Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thus spaketh the prophet:

You can't even remotely compliment Obama today. You can't even refuse to pick up a pitchfork and blame him for everything. Because if you do, you're supposed to be the brainwashed one. But you know, fuck them. I'm still glad he won both times. I still don't hate him no matter the times I've been disappointed. It's not like he's Bush, and it's not like he began any of the things for which we're supposed to hate him for. The only thing I think any of us really do is point out that those hating on him now have no room to talk, if they're on the Right anyway, considering what they did when their guy did the same stuff, and what they did to us when we disagreed. But mostly, that's just not how these things are supposed to work. But this proves my point about the Right. You cannnot tell them they're right about anything. Why? It ruins every ounce of progress that they might've made towards rational thinking. You finally get them to understand that Bush was horrible, and they realize that. You finally get them to realize Benghazi was a manufactured scandal and they realized it. You finally get them to realize that the IRS didn't target only conservative groups and that Issa was holding evidence and cherry-picking what he wanted brought up, and they realized that. You might even get them to the point where they realize defeat about several things. Then ACA rolls out, and the website wasn't designed well. Instantly all progress unravels, and you hear them revert back to WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!! mode. And you know, no. No he's not. He's just a guy that's continued some bad stuff, but fought for a lot of good stuff too. Where he'll rate, I have no idea, but it'll differ to many different people, and to me it's going to be relatively high for a myriad of reasons. But I can tell you one thing. Those doing everything in their power to make it as bad as Bush just to try to restore some faith in the Republican party, after all they've caused, hold zero merit and should be thoroughly ignored. You think people are worshiping Obama? Think again. But if you do want to see true irrationality, look at the hate against him. It's insane. So much so that, as I said, if I don't pick up the pitchfork, somehow I'm at his feet in reverence. That's absurd. Anybody who answers this with bullshit about both sides being the same and just as bad and blah blah blah will be deleted. Just saying. I don't have the patience for this shit right now.