Friday, November 15, 2013

Thus spaketh the prophet:

Once upon a time people went their whole lifetime never hearing music at all. Only the wealthy would hear a beautiful symphony, and they'd have to remember its beauty for a while until the next time they were able to attend another orchestral event. Chamber music would play on occasion at parties, but otherwise, music was something you had to go through a tremendous amount of trouble to make happen. This is the way humans lived for tens of thousands of years. So now when you're putting on your headphones to get on the bus because you think you *have* to have music, just know that you're probably not even a 100th as thankful for the Brittney shit you're piping into your abused eardrums as they were for the sound of a single moment of oboe. Although that sounds about right. I guess if you have only a few rare moments of music in your life, you're going to make sure it's of great quality, but if you can have it anywhere and everywhere via mp3 devices, you somehow stop giving a shit and will settle for any old shit. Progress!