Monday, November 18, 2013

Thus spaketh the prophet:

New rule: Unless you're actually on a phone with T9 typing (and you know what that is... back in the flip phone days when the only keys on your phone were numbers 1-9, a 0 and the # and * keys, so you used the letters on the numbers to type), you know longer can get away with tpng lk ths bcz ths is no longer necessary. You now have keyboards that finish your words for you. You now have thingies that let you talk into it so that you don't even have to type. So from now on I don't want to see anymore of people saying 'i lik u' when you can type the entire thing out effortlessly. If you do this, and you're not on a T9 flip phone from back in the days before Justin Bieber got her first period, I will have no further conversation with u. Because it's you, shitheads. Now it's not saving you key strokes. It's just you being a lazy shit with no language skills whatsoever.