Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thus spaketh the prophet:

When Obama was running, he was declared a Muslim socialist fascist dictator who'll impose Sharia Law. When he answered the much needed call to bring about healthcare reform by using a Republican idea, those same Republicans started painting Hilter mustaches on his face with OBEY under his portrait, declaring death panels and big government would make your health decisions for you. When he was elected and reelected in a fair popular election on the issue of healthcare reform, it was 'being shoved down our throats' and he was a dictator and a tyrant who hates America and white people. When the economy started showing impressive numbers of recovery they started screaming and creating as many fake scandals as they could, like Benghazi, and pretending the NSA stuff was new and entirely his fault, and Hillary was faking a headwound to avoid testifying, and it was all a big coverup, and where was Obama? Why didn't he roll in with a big gun and save those four people like he's Charles fucking Bronson? So now when the roll-out isn't as smooth as we never said it was going to be, the very people who never wanted it to roll out at all are now screaming because of the fact, even though they stepped in the way at every opportunity to fuck it all up, and now somehow it's a big lie and the worst thing that's ever happened ever, even though the loss of insurance had been happening for decades already, which is WHY we needed healthcare reform in the first place. So those of us who are trying to bring reason and fact into the discussion, rather than add to the hyperbole and panic, are now being told we're Obama worshippers, when in fact we're taking what little we could get, and wanted something far more liberal. Now I'm told I hump Obama's leg and just can't stop salivating over him. Yeah, the hyperbole is all ours. Not your side's whatsoever. Sure, we're the irrational ones, because we're being patient and wanting to see things work out. Please. Do me a favor and drop the crazy. It serves no purpose whatsoever. This nation needs reason and discussion, not freak-outs and paranoid talking points.