Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Thus spaketh the prophet:

When you are writing a book... you're like THIS IS AWESOME! When you put it away, you're like... that was AWESOME! When you recall how it's structured... awesome! When you pick it up a year later... this is AWE... WAIT... what? What the... that's not what I remember... that's not... what the fuck was I smoking? Holy shit, I was just rambling in circles and, okay, I got there and where I went with it was awesome, but I seriously need to cut tons of this shit out because nobody wants to go in that many stupid circles with me. By page four they'd be all, Where the fuck are you going with this? When you start chopping it up and making it actually coherent so that it's finally the way you falsely remembered it... okay NOW it's awesome. And that's how my book is doing now. Now that I'm done with part two, I'm totally taking a bit of a break so I can do more reflection on what part three should be. Then I can do that whole thing again and figure out what a rambling dumbass I was through it all.