Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thus spaketh the prophet:

I apparently have the reputation that you can't disagree with me without me tearing you up. This reputation comes from many people who disagreed with me, failed to give proper argument, started to tear into me, and in doing so, found out I was far better in the art of insult than they are. Or, in argument, they said something ultra-stupid and axiomatic and I called them on it with the proper respect it deserves, which is usually zero. And I may be from the south, but I don't use "with all due respect" before saying something to someone to whom none is truly due. And I learned long ago to get screen shots of something is about to turn into drama just in case they want to make it into a slandering affair, because I can top them in that art as well, merely showing their own stupid words. So if you hear someone speaking about me in such a manner, chances are i still have the evidence of why they're butthurt and can show you easily enough.