Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thus spaketh the prophet:

Letterman's Top 10 list tonight was awesome. These are questions to which the answer is always going to be: "Bacon!" 10. Gosh, you look great! What's your secret? 9. Why not become a vegetarian? 8. Did you smell anything right before the stroke? 7. Kevin who? 6. What was the top selling pork product in 1962? [They then cut to someone in the audience whose sweater said 1962 so it has to be some weird inside joke or something.] 5. Is there anything Republicans and Democrats can agree on? 4. What should I bait the trap with? 3. Cause of death? 2. Why hasn't Chris Christie's lap band surgery worked? And the number one question to which the answer will always be "Bacon" is... 1. Would you like anything with your bacon?