Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Thus spaketh the prophet:

I'm finding as I get older that it's harder for me to write in such a way that my ideas are straight-fowardly expressed. My wording isn't as clear and my train of thought doesn't come across as clearly as I hope. Although to be fair, professional writers have people who help proof and straighten their writing for them, while those of us trying to be writers do not, and are judged for the fact. What I need, aside from someone who has a moment they care to take to experience my book, who also is connected to a publishing company (fat chance there), is someone who can know not to try to change any of my thoughts or the ways I express them tone-wise (I'm an asshole and I know it and that's not going to change)... I just want someone to help clean up the wording. So the jokes come off funnier and the points are easily expressed enough that even the stupidest people can grasp them. Anybody got a lamp I can rub?