Friday, November 08, 2013

WATCH: This Is How You Call A Republican Out For Denying People Health Insurance


Well said. And it also should be said how many insurance plans are just dumping people rather than becoming ACA compliant, which is another thing I don't think the Obama administration could've predicted. Just how many plans were so pathetic that they had to be dumped because they weren't going to actually insure the person paying for them? And how can Republicans claim to be sympathetic for those losing their current plan when they don't give a damn to how many people they're causing to go without? Remember these are the same guys who claim being laid off is an opportunity to find a new job, so they're making this huge deal about those losing their current plan, which merely means they get the opportunity to find a better one (which will exist now that the ACA's laws exist) that will have to pay for them when they get sick rather than drop them or call for pre-existing condition denial. Face it, all they care about is blowing out of proportion any problem had by the ACA rollout, as though it's even possible to have any rollout without bugs to work out. Don't you just wish the media would talk about the good this is doing for a hundred times more people than those crying waaah because they have to look for a new plan, not giving a shit about how many new people now get to be covered? -- from STFUGOP